Upgrading Pulse's Web App


Over the past few months, Pulse's web app has been getting a complete re-write. Today, I am excited to announce that it is officially ready to start testing! Not only that, but it is fully open-source. Anyone can take a look and try their hand at improving it.

Why a re-write?

The goal of this re-write wasn't to massively change the UI or add any huge new features (yet!). It was to improve the overall experience. I needed to make Pulse smoother, faster, fix some of the architectural issues, and tweak the existing functionality.

From the beginning, the web app had been thrown and hacked together, as an afterthought. It has worked well enough, but adding new features, making improvements, and changing the UI were all poor developer experiences.

This version of the Pulse web app is built on Vue.js and comes with improvements across the board: performance, stability, bugs, and UI. This re-write will make it possible to iterate faster. On top of that, the quality of the app is now high enough that I am comfortable open-sourcing it!


Can I help test?

YES! The initial release of this web app is available now, and is very easy to get started on. Head to https://pulsesms.app to log in to your Pulse account.

Feel free to post bugs here, notify me over email, or open a GitHub issue. The more eyes on the new version, the faster it will get through the testing process.

What's next for this version?

Over the coming weeks and months, I will begin migrating users from the old web app (https://messenger.klinkerapps.com), to the new one (https://pulsesms.app). It won't happen immediately. With any new product, there will be bugs that need worked out.

The desktop apps will be migrated to this version, as well as the Chrome app/extension and Firefox extension. This version of the web app will quickly replace the legacy version, across the entire product line.


To give credit where it is due, I did not do this re-write on my own!

The Pulse SMS community has always been very active and generally great. The base for this web app came from Solomon Rubin. He started this re-write, as a side project, and decided to open-source it. As I started to explore re-building the app myself, pulling in this architecture was a perfect place to begin.

He helped me get this version up and running and has continued to contribute throughout the process. Without that help, this version would still be months off of a release.

Wrapping Up

Go and try the app! If you like it, feel free to head over to GitHub and give the project a star, or submit some feedback.

This re-write has been a long time coming. I am extremely happy with how it turned out and the improvements to the development cycle. If you are a developer, go take a look through the code. For users, try it out and look for the new web app to start hitting all your devices, in the coming weeks.

Enjoy the new release!