Pulse SMS - Open Source


Jake and I released Pulse SMS in November of 2016 and it immediately became our most successful app. Three years later, with millions of downloads and hundreds of thousands of daily active users... I am ready to take the next step.

As of this morning, I have open sourced the Android version of Pulse! The Android version joins the ever-expanding list of open-source contributions for the app. Most of the other platforms have already been open source for years, including: the web app, the iOS app, the desktop apps, the Chrome apps, and the Tizen OS app.

The Android version joins the ever-expanding list of open-source contributions for the app.

Check out the codebase, here: https://github.com/klinker-apps/pulse-sms-android

If you are interested in the other platforms, check them out, here: https://github.com/klinker-apps

What this means

I have been developing Pulse by my self since its initial release. I am so proud of where the app is at and what I have been able to do with it. My development work and ownership of the project obviously doesn't stop here! The move to open source is simply the next step in the growth of the project.

Developers know and understand the benefits of open-source work better than anyone. For you, this means full access to the codebase and everything that the Android app does. Like something you see and want to integrate it with your own project: feel free! Have a request and want to include it in Pulse: yep, you can! A bug has been nagging at you for some time: squash it! I am open to all types of contributions on the app, as I have been with any of Pulse's open source platforms.

End users won't miss out on the benefits either. You will now have access to an app that is built by more than one person. I always do my due-diligence before releasing anything, but more hands and more eyes means that you can have a more stable experience, with a wider range of features, and a larger contributor base. It is a win-win across the board.

Want to contribute? Hope over to the repo and start firing off Pull Requests today!


I have been a huge proponent of open source work over my entire development carrier. My numerous contributions across Klinker Apps' GitHub and my personal GitHub can demonstrate as much. I am proud to say that, with this release, the Pulse client for every platform - that it is available on - is now open source!

The Pulse client for every platform is now open source!

For me, this was the next logical step for Pulse. It is a huge step, as well! I am really looking forward to seeing what all of you come up with, as well as continuing the growth of the app for years to come!

Like what you see? Consider dropping me a star on the repo to show your support.