What's on My Desk? - Spring 2017

I am constantly being asked, by others, what type of hardware I use for Android development... I don't think that hardware makes as much of a difference as having a good vision for what you want your app to become and planning ahead to get it there, but there is no doubt that a faster build and more productive tools can help you get to end-goal faster, so let's delve into it!

jake's desk

My desk tends to be pretty busy, with a lot of tech strewn over the top of it. I do my best to keep it organized and productive, though.

My main development machine is a desktop that I built last year. It's a Hackintosh, meaning I put macOS on it instead of sticking to Linux or Windows. I prefer to work on Apple products but they haven't updated their Mac Pro for quite a while now and I didn't want to have to work on old hardware like that. Inside, its rocking a Skylake i7 processor, 32GB of RAM and a Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti so that I can fly through my builds, test suites, and neural networks and spend my time actually developing.

On the outside of that machine, I recently got a 34" curved, ultrawide Samsung display that I am very happy with. I prefer the ultrawide displays instead of dual monitors just because it allows me to keep everything on the same screen without a seam in between. I also love using Apple's Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad, so I've got those hooked up to the desktop as well.

I recently added a 2016 15" MacBook Pro to the desk and am loving it so far. I know that particular machine has received a lot of flack about not being powerful enough for its price point, but it's the perfect machine for me, to bring when I'm traveling or out for the day (although the keyboard leaves a little to be desired compared to my Magic Keyboard I normally use).

Lastly, I use a Pixel XL for my daily phone and rock a Pixel C when I need to do tablet work (which I wish more developers would focus on, I find myself wanting to use my tablet more, but there aren't many apps that I want to use on it so I end up just reading with it normally). I also have a Nvidia Shield TV that I to do Android TV work on. Like tablets, I really with more developers would find time to support Android TV devices, because I really love using mine but it mostly just collects dust when I'm not watching a movie or YouTube videos.

That about wraps up when I develop on! When I want to relax and get away from working a bit, I've got a few 4K TVs and Chromecast Ultras, a PS4 Pro, a Nintendo Switch, Wii U and a Google Home (maybe some development on that in the future as well!).

I'm always interested to see what types of machines other developers use, so let us know what you've got or if there are any tips you can think of to help us out more, we're always looking to improve!