Coding, Android, and Everything in Between


When my twin brother, Jake, and I, started building Android apps back in 2012, all we just wanted to make something cool and unique. Sliding Messaging was born from that dream, and we haven't slowed down since then. Five years later, our user base and portfolio may have grown significantly, but our goals and the motivations behind our work haven't changed.

Klinker Apps continues to pave the way - crafting powerful and beautiful apps that span from your home screen, to your news reader, social media presences, and means of communication. Through the years, we have built on top of our Android experience with cross-platform solutions, web integrations, a crazy huge catalog of open-source contributions, and now, a blog.

On this blog, Jake and I plan to share our thoughts on a ton of different things related to Android, development, and business. You will see topics like:

  • developer tips and tricks
  • coding practices
  • help on managing and growing your apps or business
  • talks about how we have dealt with problems in the past
  • explanations behind the work we open-source
  • information about integrating with some of our services
  • some product announcements
  • other random ramblings about Android news or whatever comes to mind

Mainly though, we wanted another place to share our knowledge. The Android community has provided us with so much over the years, and we wanted another channel to give back and help others that may be going through similar situations.

We have had a very unique Android development experience. We started with absolutely nothing, as freshmen in college, and taught ourselves throughout the whole process. Klinker Apps has grown to be a pretty common name among Android enthusiasts and we have even been awarded the title Google Play Top Developer. We have learned so much though these experiences (and mistakes!) and we cannot wait to share some of that knowledge with everyone else!

Get in touch

One thing that we've always prided ourselves on is how easy it is to get ahold of us. We do everything for Klinker Apps ourselves, and that includes the support. If you have an issue or want to get in touch, we are the ones you talk to.

Keeping with that spirit, if you have an idea for a topic, or something you would like to hear our experience/opinion on, we would love it if you would drop us a comment, shoot us an email, or hit up Jake (@klinker41) or I (@lukeklinker) on Twitter!